Fantasy Digital

Enabling nsfw creators to earn using our SocialFi ecosystem.

NSFW SocialFi ecosystem powering the Web 3.0 Creator Economy

Welcome to Fantasy Digital. We are a team of creators, developers, and disruptors with a mission to help the next generation of nsfw content creators in the fast-evolving digital landscape. Fantasy Digital is a Web 3.0 SocialFi ecosystem where uncensored creators & their fans are rewarded for their engagement. We believe that the next generation of nsfw content creators should not be defined by a corporations but by their individual brand. Supported by future web technologies, the blockchain and our unique Participate to Earn (P2E) business model, our ecosystem will help connect creators and fans/clients directly in new ways never imagined.
Further more through the Elev8 Creators DAO, creators will be given fractional ownership of the Fantasy Digital ecosystem through Fantasy Keys, which will unlock exclusive benefits, grant future access to airdrops, participation in the DAOs' decentralized voting system and future utility to be determined by the DAO.

Traditional Adult Content Platforms are broken

Traditional centralized content & streaming platforms are holding too much power over every ones personal data, dictate what and how content creators should be performing for fans and are being unfair to the content creators with censorship & high transactions fees.
  • Authoritarian Control - Controlled by a few key players who dictate what and how content creators should be performing for fans/clients.
  • Lack Data & Content Ownership - Anonymity is a concern for both content creators and fans/clients.
  • Unfair Creator Economy - High fees and additional expenses rob content creators of their due income.
  • Global censorship - Censorship is a big issue nsfw content creators. Countries with the most censorship are some of the countries that generate the most website traffic to free adult content.

Our Solution

Next to food, water and shelter, entertainment is one of everyone’s basic needs. Fantasy Digital will represent a new way to create & consume content. In a nutshell our solution can be boiled down to four elements that will provide a solution to the issues plaguing the uncensored industry.
  • Fair Creator Economy - Lowest transaction fees, distributed monthly promotional pool rewards to both content creators and fans and ownership of the Fantasy Digital ecosystem via the Elev8 Creators DAO.
  • More Engagement - providing creators with more options to engage with new fans on different medias like VR/AR or to provided brands with personalized advertising.
  • Decentralized Content Moderation - Fantasy Key holders set out platform guidelines, not one single entity can deem specific content inappropriate.
  • Control over personal data - Members can keep their real world identities hidden.