Foundation: The Fantasy Digital Team that handles all operational matters and oversee the current/future development.

Burning: The act of permanently removing a number of tokens from circulation on the blockchain.

Circulating Supply: The amount of tokens that are circulating in the market.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (“DAO”): Internet-native organizations collectively owned and managed by members with built-in treasuries only accessible through member approval and proposal voting mechanisms for decision making

Liquidity: The notion of having enough tokens available to be procured by users who seek participation in the ecosystem. This could mean having trading pools on verified exchanges and opening token transfer to holders.

Mint: The action of purchasing an NFT in the primary sale. Minting an NFT converts digital data into digital assets recorded on the blockchain.

Token: An asset that resides on the blockchain, allowing the holder to use it as a form of currency within the Fantasy Digital ecosystem. This token will be implemented using the ERC20 token standard.

Creator: Any individual who chooses to participate in ecosystem by providing content.

Account/Smart Contract List Fantasy Token: 0xE0d4A49c386f5c0184f72ac0752aaD4Bd62C579a Uniswap LP: 0x8e019016e932a356b964e57a16f8b42f9b664b93 Deployer: 0x22de3EB674a77D0D765F85d2008c9D18424c3cC2 Business: 0xa47103E18Bc9c1923161B6488DEc6CB1490a1a6b Promotional: 0x5Ab70B1c091ecd8d0114a2d9b9F264A6fF384b5D Treasury: 0x0b0cd56fa968863aa787d69799b2365cc4963c5d DAO: Charity:

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