For Content Creators

Fantasy Digital offers unique revenue opportunities by allowing Content Creators to monetize themselves. Below are some of the many ways creators can earn within our ecosystem

Exclusive Content Subscription Post exclusive content that only subscribers can view, creators can set the price in FTXXX and the duration of the subscription.

StripNFTease Model Search Creators can enter our monthly model to earn FTXXX when fans vote for them to become the next StripNFTease Model of the Month

Fantasy Rewards Collect off-chain rewards for interacting on the ecosystem which are distributed as FTXXX at the end of each month as a passive income source to active creators.

Personal Ad network Creators can list advertiser space on their profiles, they decide which brands to accept & how much in FTXXX to charge

Custom Menu The Custom Menu feature is a powerful tool for Creators that lets them offer exclusive requests from Fans and answer them with a personalized content. This could in Dick Ratings, SPH, custom videos ... ect

Physical & Digital Offers Creators can create off-chain physical or digital offers for their fans that are paid for with FTXXX. These could be tickets to streaming events, memberships to social accounts (like OnlyFans), Signed posters, or props from a movie shoot.

Experiences Creators can setup VR experiences using our Decentraland assets and unlock new ways to connect with old & new fans.

Referrals Commission Creators can earn income from monetization tools used by those creators that they referred using their personal link to the ecosystem.

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