StripNFTease Memberships

Our StripNFTease collection is your access to a lifetime of uncensored adult content

Each StripNFTease owned unlocks access to all creators' subscribed content on Fantasy Digital, our adult VR/AR experiences, exclusive IRL/virtual events and an erotic show from the featured adult creator.

Obtaining A StripNFTease

The Fantasy Digital Team will distribute a new StripNFTease every month to the community though drops conducted on the the Fantasy Digital Marketplace. You may also obtain previously dropped StripNFTease on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Upgrading StripNFTease

To upgrade a StripNFTease, the holder must transfer the adequate amount of FTXXX to the featured content provider and burn the old StripNFTease. StripNFTease can be upgraded up to five(5) times, with each upgrade unlocking an extended version of the creators erotic show. StripNFTease holders are bonuses additional Fantasy Rewards based on their StripNFTease level, the higher the StripNFTease level the greater the P2E bonus to the holder.

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