Fantasy Rewards

The Participate 2 Earn reward system is an integral part of the Fantasy Digital experience. Both Fans & Creators are able to earn rewards based on how they interact with the ecosystem. Rewards are distributed month via the promotional pool account as outlined in the promotional pool distribution below.

How to Earn P2E Rewards

Community Rewards

Community rewards are awarded to FantasyFanatics who participate in the Fantasy Digital Discord. Every message sent awards the member with a certain amount of experience points. Over time FantasyFanatics who participate will naturally progress levels.

Holding Rewards

Holding a certain number of FTXXX Token will make you eligible for holder rewards. The token must remain in your connected wallet to earn monthly Fantasy rewards.

Special Rewards

Special rewards are acquired when Creator & Fans interact within the Fantasy Digital ecosystem. These P2E rewards are earned for interactions that include voting, tipping, subscribing and posting new content

For a full list of available rewards, visit the Fantasy Rewards Page

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