Fantasy Keys

Fantasy Keys are limited collection of ERC-721 Elev8 NFT access passes. Maximum of 7399 Fantasy Keys can be minted annually, starting Jan 1st, 2023. Fantasy Keys are awarded to a individual creators once they complete a set of tasks related to the growth ecosystem. Once a creator owns a Fantasy Key, they may transfer or sell it on the secondary market to other creator, however there is a limit of 10 Fantasy Keys that can be held by an individual creators' wallet. Only active content creators on Fantasy Digital can hold Fantasy Keys. Holders privileges can be revoked by the Elev8 Creators DAO via the voting mechanism.

Benefits & Perks:

  • Zero contact transaction fees

  • Exclusive discounts with community partners

  • Portion of the promotional pool reserved for Fantasy Key Holders

  • Create & vote on proposals related to the governance & development of the Fantasy Digital ecosystem

  • Receive exclusive NFT airdrops

  • and more to come!

How to Earn a Fantasy Key *

Creators will be airdropped a Fantasy Key once that have successfully competed the tasks below

  • Complete the Getting Started Tasks

  • Complete your Fantasy Digital Pubic Profile (includes banner & profile image, bio, location & social links)

  • Upgrade your Profile to a Premium listing

  • Become Verified

  • Promote one public post on Fantasy Digital

  • Enter the StripNFTease model search

  • Post a min of 3 subscriber only posts each month for 6 months

  • Refer one (1) new creator/brand to the ecosystem via your personal referral link

  • Get 20,000 unique profile views in 6 months

*Conditions Apply. See website for details

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